Top 10 Best Sport Headphones


Sport Headphones, Wirezoll Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Running Belt ( Silicone Ear Hooks, Atp-x Support, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling, IPx4 Sweatproof, Built-in Mic)

Sports headphones for people who think about themselves! Situations like heavy training or large crowds will no longer be a problem with silicone headphones which perfectly fit any ear thanks to the different dimensions. More security provides sports belt while supporting hands free with the integrated microphone. IP 4 sweat proof technology ensures maximum protection from sweat, rain and weather. Thanks to this technology, you can relax and stop worrying about humidity of your headphones, except for water sports such as swimming or diving, your headphones are secure.

CVC 6.0 provides superb Noise Cancellation experience in making phone calls, reducing noise from your environment. And the biggest noise will no longer present an issue. Apt-X codec provides amazing sound quality for all devices that connect to the headset. Very strong battery provides you more than 6 hours of usage on a single charge. Autonomy in stand by mode is 240 hours.


Arteck Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Running Sports Sweat-proof Portable Earphones with Rechargeable 15 Hours Playing Battery for iPhone 7 Plus 7 SE 6 Plus 6 5 4, iPod, Android Smart Phones-Green

Arteck wireless telephone headset for all people with the sports spirit. Whether you engage in sport professionally or recreationally you will enjoy these sweat-proof silicone headphones. Easy wearable headset due to its anatomical shape will not disturb you when performing the most demanding exercises. Enhanced stereo sound and reducing background noise, as well as CSR 4.0 + EDR system that allows double the battery autonomy of over 15 hours on a single charge, this product seems very necessary. It contains HD microphone and completely simply use a touch of a button, you can answer a call, increase or decrease the sound, or switch back and forth to your favorite tunes.


These headphones are compatible and respond to all blue tooth devices from the iPhone via Android phones and tablets.  It allows to connect two phones simultaneously. Package includes  customized and 6 silicon tips, 1 micro USB charging cable and the user guide.


Bluetooth Headphones GSPON Wireless Earbud Headset with Mic for Running for Smartphones

Headphones designed for both everyday use and for the use in sports activities. Layer that protects them from contact with moisture, will make these headphones are suitable for different range of applications. Its design and shape and very low weight will not leave you indifferent while enabling smooth longer wear. Battery life is approximately 8 hours of continuous broadcasting of musical material.


Bluetooth version 4.1 option allows you to communicate at any moment on the phone, increase or decrease the volume, and switch songs. CVC6.0 system that enables advanced noise reduction, so if you are on a busy street, this  will not pose a problem. Except these characteristics these headphones also feature advanced multi point connectivity technology  that enables two phones connects at the same time.


UiiSii C200 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sports Headphone with Mic for Smartphones – Black

Sophisticated design with custom anatomical shape and precisely metered weight, these headphones make a great selection of gifts that you will treat yourself or someone close to you. High level designed complement their look with advanced technology that enables clear sound even when you are in the crowd.


They have a built-in high performance microphone so that it is clean and clear sound unavailable. They are compatible with most appliances, windows phones, smart phones, apple devices, MP3, MP4 players etc.


Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone DENISY Wireless Sport Stereo In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sweatproof Headset for IOS and Android Phones

They are intended for all users, especially for contemporary working people who are also dedicated to their jobs and physical activities. These sophisticated headphones are created with a focus on high-quality sound ensured by CVC 6.0 technologies. Perfect sound means lowest background noise.


Connection of your headset to your device provides Bluetooth 4.1. These headphones has  battery life up to 8 hours of conversations and listening to music, giving your body even more desire and motivation to exercise. They will satisfy your needs for compatibility with most devices in your environment, such as: iPhone6, iPod, HTC, LG, mp3-4, android phones, windows platforms, etc.


JVC HAEB75B Sports Clip Headphone (Black)


These headsets are known around the world and you will not be disappointed neither this time. Available in fancy black color, it will completely match with your outfit. These headphones are characterized by a strong bass that provides you rich sound.  Headphones are ideal for people engaged in sports. For very little money you get a very high-quality headphones.


Bluetooth Headphones, Maxtronic QY8 V4.1 Wireless Earbuds Voice Control Mini Lightweight Wireless earphones Stereo Sports Running Gym Exercise Headphones

We will not make a mistake if we say that these headphones are unique on the market because manufacturers thought of all your needs. With their knowledge, they created elegant blend of notes woven into the sporty design of this headset makes it desirable to all persons who enjoy exercise that is unthinkable without music.  The latest version of Bluetooth 4.1 enables easy connection to your device.


APTX codec delivers crystal clear sound. Low weight makes these headphones quite comfortable and inconspicuous for carrying. Lithium batteries in stand by mode provides 150 hours in stand by, or 5 hours of listening musics. Integrated  microphone and noise isolation will allow you a smooth conversation with friends while you are in a public place.


AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 Wireless Sport Stereo In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sweatproof Headset with APT-X/Mic for iPhone 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android Phones

If you are looking for a way to ease the grueling training and encourage yourself in your workout when it is heaviest, listening music on  fantastic AYL headphones will achieve incredible results. Latest Bluetooth version 4.1 allows free connection with most devices and up to two at the same time. Quality and purity of sound that provides APTX codec will motivate you to boost power in the exercise, and to have fun at the same time.


Also  if you want to make phone calls while in traffic jam or a similar place, AYL headphones rely on modern CVC 6.0 system that provides isolation from noise and maximum pure conversation without strain. Over 175 hours in stand by mode, or about 7 hours of conversation and listening to music makes these headphones promising not only for sport, but whenever you do something or go somewhere.


TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds Stereo Earphones, Secure Fit for Sports with Built-in Mic [Upgraded Version]

These headphones are must-have! Whether you exercise, run, walk or relax, these headphones are the perfect choice for you. Bluetooth version 4.1 allows you to connect with all the necessary equipment. If we add that they are very lightweight and resistant to sweat and that after the completion of training or listening to music, you need to simply remove them from the ears and wear them like a necklace around your neck, is it that just fantastic? Another big advantage of these headphones is to provide an incredibly clean phone calls obtained by filtering background noise using modern technology CVC 6.0.


You will no longer have problems with conversation, even in conditions of increased noise. Battery that provides five hours of intensive use on a single charge provides more than enough time whether is it a jogging, shopping or some other form of enjoyment. With these headphones you will get user’s instructions. In the package, there also included one cable for charging and 3 ear tips with 3 ear hooks. They are made  of high quality aluminum, making them perfect choice for you and your loved ones.


Bluetooth Headphones, Hiearcool M9 Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Sport Stereo Earphones with Mic

You will get more for less! Pay attention to these headphones which offer advanced technology to connect with other devices via Bluetooth 4.1, and it enables easy and accurate connection. You have problems way too often because you need to call someone in case of a big fuss? It will no longer be a problem with the headsets used by CVC 6.0 technology to reduce background noise.


Simply you’ll love these headphones! Super soft and comfortable will represent a real pleasure when you carry them. Autonomy of battery is about 4 hours, but bear in mind that it lasts one hour if you use them all the time, and this represents more than enough time for the most demanding use. Advanced feature allows connecting two devices at the same time and distance of 10 meters during the exercise of the devices that play music.


Top 5 Best Desktop Speakers


Desktop speakers will always be popular. If you are music fan, you are probably interested which desktop speaker is the best. Although today there are so many ways to listen to music, with so many cool gadgets and devices you can carry with you, desktop speakers are mostly made for home use, and maybe best thing you can do at home, in order to relax and decrease stress, is to listen your favorite playlist.

This is our list of top 5 best desktop speakers, we hope we will help you to choose the right ones!

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers has maximum of 22 Watts, and they offer maximum audio experience. You can connect speakers with your smartphone.

Customers use these speakers mostly at home. There is auxiliary output and you can connect speakers with other device easily.


Main features of Bose Companion 2 speakers are:

– excellent performance,
– amazing sound
– easy to connect to another device.

Dimensions of these speakers are 3.1 inches x 5.9 inches x 7.5 inches. With these speakers, you can play music at perfect volume whenever you want.


Speakers are compact and they fit perfectly in your room. Cord is long enough to give you opportunity to make cool stereo system. Price is a bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny. Unfortunately, there is no remote control.


Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar

Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar really looks interesting and unique. This is speaker system that looks modern and stylish, and you can choose from wireless speaker system to bluetooth and 2.0 and 2.1 speaker system.

Bluetooth system is portable. Music will sound so clear, you will be very satisfied. It’s simple and effective, and its power is 2 x 1.25 Watts.


Main features of Dell AC511 USB SoundBar are:

– compatible with Dell monitors,
– T-Hook,
– Knob for volume control,
– USB connector.

Dimensions of this model are 1.9″ x 16.5″ x 1.5″. It’s available in black color, and it weighs only one pounds. You don’t have to install software before use.

Customers generally like this model. Main downside is, when it is connected to Dell monitor, there is lots of static. Speakers is excellent, and it has affordable price.


Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers with Subwoofer for PC and Gaming Systems in Frustration Free Packaging, (CA-3602FFP)

Cyber Acoustics offers three parts speaker system with well balanced speakers and excellent audio experience. There are two speakers and subwoofer in a package. Made for 110V of power only.


With these speakers, you will also get pod for volume control. If you are true music fan, this product is a must have!

Main features of Cyber Acoustics Speakers are:

– 30 Watts,
– 5 feet cable,
– Peak power is 62 Watts,
– 2.1 system,
– 110V only.

Dimensions of one satellite speaker are 8″ x 3″ x 3″. Subwoofer’s dimensions are 10″ x 8″ x 8″. Speakers provide amazing sound for very reasonable price.

You can control bass, jack, aux jack and volume with pod, and this is great bonus, very useful. There are more than thousand five star ratings, and this is not without a reason!


Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is available in black and pearl color. It offers great sound with deep bass, with Li-Ion battery that can lasts up to ten hours. Just make sure you fully charge it before you use speakers on battery.


Speakerphone is already built, and we are sure these speakers gives ultimate sound performance.

Main features of Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II are:

– compact,
– wireless,
– big voice,
– charger included.

Dimensions of these speakers are 8.8″ x 4.6″ x 5″. You can place it everywhere! Easily connect speakers with other devices, and best thing is re-connection is completely automatic.

There are also covers in several colors available, you can match speakers with your room. Make sure you don’t leave speakers plugged for whole day, otherwise battery will get damaged.


Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System, External TV Speakers

Logitech Z506 speakers are not only desktop speakers, you can also use them as home theater and external TV speakers. With excellent bass, deep sound and subwoofer, speakers offer excellent stereo performance. You can connect speakers with DVD player, computer or even tablet.

logitech-z506Speakers have 75 Watts of power.

Main features of Logitech Z506 are:

– 5.1 system,
– several inputs,
– plug ‘n’ play,
– 6 speakers.

Speakers’ type is on-speakers. Its dimensions are 15.9 inches x 7.1 inches x 11.1 inches. Installation is super easy, bass is amazing, and  speakers can be connected to your TV directly. This is one of the coolest option of this model.

Downside is – wires are shorter than standard ones, and there is no remote control. Use speakers in smaller room for maximum experience. You don’t have to spend fortune if you want to buy desktop speakers.

Top 10 Best Printer For Photos Reviews


There are so many printers to print documents, legal papers, school essays, and we all know this is very simple thing to do – you just need to push a button, and your textual document comes on the other side. But, which printer is the best to print your favorite photos? For many of us, photography can be really important, and you probably ask yourself what is the best printer for photography currently? It does matter how image will look like, and because of this, it’s very important to choose best rated printer for photos, because photography is all we have after time passes. Because of this, we present you top ten best printers for photos, you can read reviews below and choose best photo printer according to your needs.

HP Envy 7640 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink ready (E4W43A)

Let’s start with HP, shall we? This is all in one printer, and one of the top ten best sellers currently. This fella gives you opportunity to print directly from your smartphone, you don’t have to transfer your photos and images to computer first. Model is compatible win Win 10, you just need to update drivers.


Main features of HP Envy 7640 are:

  • versatile,
  • affordable price,
  • fax included.

Dimensions of this model are 17.9 inches x 16.1 inches x 7.6 inches. You can print on both sides and this is fun thing to do. In this way, you can print nicely designed brochures that look very professional. Most customers are very satisfied with printer’s performance and overall features. Sometimes, software can crash.


Epson WF-2760 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier, Fax, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct & NFC

Epson WF-2760 All-in-One Wireless printer has laser precision. It has 2.7 inches display for easy navigation. Good thing about this model is it has option for two pages printing, and automatic feeder for documents. Dimensions of this model are 19.2″ x 17.1″ x 11.9″. Print your favorite photo from your smartphone or tablet. With printer, you will also get power cord, CD-ROM (Good ol’ times) and manual.


Main features of Epson WF-2760 are:

– fast and effective,
– NFC touch and print,
– 150 papers capacity,
– affordable cartridges.

According to Epson official website, printer uses cartridges from 220 series. You can use it after just few seconds. Printer is powered by PrecisionCore, and this means you will get laser quality photos. Main advantages of this model is easy setup, Main disadvantages are control are a bit difficult to use, and no software for additional configuration.


Epson Expression Home XP-430 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

Epson Expression Home XP-430 is cute printer for everyday use. Main advantage of this model is – it’s pretty lightweight and easy to carry it around. It also has auto-doc feeder. Its dimensions are 15.4″ x 11.8″ x 5.7″. With this printer, you will also get guide, CD-ROM for installation and power cord.


Main features of Epson Expression Home XP-430 are:

– Easy installation,
– LCD display,
– wireless
– built-in slot for memory card,
– and more!

When you check reviews, you will see that less than fifty percent of customers gave this model five star rating. Main reason for this because it’s basic model, and a bit slower than other printers. You cannot print on two pages of paper, unfortunatelly. Also, some customers had problems with printing after they changed black ink. If this happens to you, try to do this: go to Control panel, click Replace ink cartridge, remove empty cartridge from a list, unplug printer, clean it, and plug it in again. This sometimes works.


Canon Selphy CP1200 Black Wireless Color Photo Printer

Canon is always unique, no matter if you want to buy camera or printer. This Selphy CP1200 looks like it came from the future. Original design with various features will definitely blow your mind. It’s even perfect as a gift for your loved ones. You can connect with other devices, this is only one click away. AirPrint is also available, so you can print directly from your favorite mobile device, even from your social media account.


Main features of Canon Selphy CP1200 are:

– Up to fifty four photos,
– 4 different sizes of photo,
– easy to use.

Printer has compact design. One of the most interesting features is that you can print photo for your passport or ID. How amazing is that? Customers say that main advantages of this model are excellent quality of photos, it has a battery, and its price is very reasonable. Battery is a bit pricey, and printer’s size is bigger that similar models from other manufacturers. And of course, this is not for professional use.


Brother MFC-J480DW – Wireless Inkjet Color All-in-One Printer w Auto Document Feeder

Do you wan to try something else? Check out Brother MFC-J480DW – Wireless printer with auto document feeder. Very nice product with excellent features is great for home use. You can fax, scan, copy or print anything you want. It’s capacity is up to 8.5 inches by 14 inches of paper. There is color display which will help you to get through functions easily. You can also print on both sides of paper.


Main features of Brother MFC-J480DW are:

– Dimensions are 13.4″ x 15.7″ x 6.7″,
– Cloud connectivity,
– 1 yr. warranty,
– great for small business.

Printer comes with ink, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can connect printer with your computer with USB or wireless. Some customers think there are too many buttons which makes usage a bit difficult, but when you learn how to do it, you will navigate through its functions easily. With affordable price, this product is definitely good choice.


HP Envy 4500 Wireless All-in-One Colour Photo Printer, Black

This model is nice and simple, and does everything you need – print photos in excellent quality from your computer, smartphone or tablet. It also offers borderline print. For maximum results, use HP ink. Dimensions of this printer are 17.5″ x 13.2″ x 5″. You can quickly connect printer and have your favorite photo in just couple of clicks away.


Main features of HP Envy 4500 Wireless Printer are:

– affordable price,
– easy setup,
– wireless.

Customers agree that installation’s guide is easy to follow. Some of them had problems while connecting printers with their computers. Printer is elegant and it gets job done fast. If you have any problem with connection, contact customer support. Overall, this is excellent product for home use. There is a newer version of this model, and you can purchase it here.


HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink ready (M9L66A)

Another gem from HP, HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 offers something cool – private printing! With this option, you can protect your information and restrain access to some documents. This is very useful if you want to keep some stuff only for yourself. Along this feature, there is mobile printing available – with AirPrint, you can print photos directly from your smart device.


Main features of HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Photo Printer are:

– all in one functions,
– wireless,
– you can save up to fifty percent ink,
– very fast.

Dimensions of this model are 19.7 inches by 16.5 inches by 12.4 inches. This model also has business applications, HP Web Jetadmin, ENERGYSTAR so you can save power, and many many more. For full specifications, check out main product page. Warranty lasts one year. There is non-stop web support. Quality of photography is satisfactory, but not the best of the best. Some customers reported that printer lose network connection from time to time.


HP Office Jet 4650 Wireless Photo Printer

HP Office Jet 4650 Wireless Photo Printer has so many functions, you’ll be very satisfied when you try every single one. With this model, you can copy, print, fax, scan, you can print wireless, with AirPrint, and all that in just a couple of seconds. There is free ePrint application available, so don’t worry about direct printing any longer.


Main features of HP Office Jet 4650 are:

– It prints on two sides,
– Instant Ink ready,
– 1 yr. warranty,
– and more!

Customers are generally pleased with this model. Its dimensions are 17.5 inches x 14.5 inches x 7.5 inches. Setup is really fast and without a hassle. You can install it via CD or USB. Quality of images are excellent according to reviews. You can choose from six different paper sizes – letter, legal, four by six inches, envelope, five by seven inches and eight by ten inches. If you have any issue with this printer, you can contact support and they will help you.


Epson Expression Home XP-330 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

Epson Expression Home XP-330 Wireless Color Photo Printer is a printer, copier and scanner with very affordable price. It’s very easy to set it up, and with this model, you’ll have complete solution to print, scan and copy your favorite photos and documents. There is an option to print directly from your smartphone.


Main features of Epson Expression Home XP-330 are:

– affordable cartridges,
– capacity of one hundred sheet papers,
– water resistant printing.
Let’s see what customers have to say about it – this model is compact and provides user-friendly experience. It’s a bit difficult to follow instructions to copy, but overall, model has nice functions and solid performance. Reviewers recommend to install printer’s drivers via CD-ROM, not via USB. But, you can connect print with other devices via USB. With dimensions of 11.8 inches by 15.4 inches x 5.7 inches, this model is one of the best you can get.


HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink ready (F0V69A)

HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer is currently number one best seller, this model is instant ink ready, and you can even print directly from your tablet or smartphone. HP Envy 4520 printer has many options, you just need to select configuration according to your needs. This printer is wireless printer, as its name says, but not only that, it offers opportunity to scan and copy, to use AirPrint and to print on both sides of paper.


Main features of HP Envy 4520 Wireless Photo Printer are:

– all in one features,
– never runs out of ink,
– supports six types of paper,
– 1 yr. warranty.

Six types of papers that this printer supports are number ten envelopes, legal, letter, 8″ x 10″, 5″ x 7″ and 4″ x 6″. This is more than enough for average user. Printer prints up to 6.8 ppm in color and up to 9.5 ppm in black. Its resolution is up to 1200 dpi for scanning. Dimensions of this model are 17.5 inches x 14.4 inches x 5 inches. Installation is a bit difficult, and some user had problems with use of this model. But, if you follow instructions carefully, you will learn how to use it pretty quickly.


Top 10 Best Low Light Camera Reviews


We all know there are many high quality cameras on the market, but what about best low light camera? Low light is one of the main problems and issues modern cameras has. Some cameras are very good if you take photos and videos in bright condition, but very poor when it comes to low light conditions. Because of this, we present you top ten best rated low light cameras.

You can scroll down for fifteen more models of cameras from various manufacturers. Enjoy while you read and we hope you will find best one low light camera according to your preference.

MARVUE 318 Full HD Digital Camcorder 1080p @30fps Max. 24.0 MP Full Color Screen For Low light Video Camera Recorder 3.0″ Touch Screen 16x Zoom Photo Camera With Timer

MARVUE 318 Full HD Digital Camcorder is a product with excellent features and nice design. You can take pictures and videos with it, it is lightweight and you carry camcorder whenever you want. Quality of videos and images are high. You can have various options to choose from before recording – you can record videos in black and white, standard or vivid color, and with 16x Zoom with timer, you can do practically anything you want.


Main features of MARVUE 318 Full HD Digital Camcorder are:

– Dimensions are 8″ x 6.5″ x 4″,
– Full HD,
– Max video resolution is 1920 * 1080 p,
– Portable,
– it has LED light,
– Screen size is 3 inches,
– and many more!


Marvue 318 is definitely very good low light camera recorder. It records in 1080 P @ 30 fps. Inside the package, besides camera, you will get battery and battery charger, case and a strap, instructions, remote control and HDMI, AV and USB cable. This one is a keeper! If you need more memory, you must purchase SD card individually. Lens cover is also not included, so make sure you get one of those too.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300K 12.1 MP Digital Camera 1/2.3-inch Sensor, 4K Video, Splash & Dustproof Body, Leica DC Lens 24X F2.8 Zoom (Black)

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300K 12.1 MP Digital Camera is well known among camera fans all over the world. There is both international version and U.S. version available. International version has no warranty included, so make sure you notice this fact. And yes, you read it correctly – this camera is 4K! Dimensions of this camera are 5.18″ x 4.61″ x 3.6″, it has electronic viewfinder and 24x optical zoom. Its weight is only one and a half pounds, which means that it is very easy to carry it around. Camera is very professional with outstanding features.


Main features of Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300K are:

– dust proof,
– auto focus,
– Five axis/tilt correction,
– Macro shooting,
– Panorama,
– and many more!


If you need camera for taking shots outdoors, this is great product to choose. According to reviews, it is excellent for low light conditions. See some samples of videos and images at main product page. Camera supports time lapse, great option for creative persons. With the camera, you will also receive battery and battery charge, USB cable, Lens cap, strap, DVD, one year warranty if you are from U.S, and lens hood.

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black)

If you don’t have limited budget, check out this beauty – Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera. Made in black color, this camera with its forty-five AF system provides amazing auto-focus and one hundred percent coverage of viewfinder.


Main features of Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body are:

– Its weight is 1.4 pounds,
– Body style,
– Video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 p,
– 24.2 MP,
– Wi-Fi technology and more.


Before you purchase, we have important information about this product. Because of some regulations, it can be delivered only within continental U.S. For any additional information, you can contact manufacturer. And now, back to product’s specifications. Display is LCD, three inches wide, with max shutter speed of thirty seconds. It has optical sensor with resolution of 24 point 2 MP. Its sensor technology is CMOS. There are so many various features, it is hard to name all of them, but main are: excellent controls, intelligent viewfinder, great autofocus, Liveview option and many more!

Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera, 14.23 Mega Pixal with 18x Optical ZOOM, 3″ LCD display Wi-Fi

Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera is a camera specially made with low light sensor. It records full HD videos with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Display is TFT LCD, three inches of size, with still resolution of 14.2 MP. With this camera, you can take really clear photos and videos. It has 18x zoom lens which is more than enough for average customers.


Main features of Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera are:

– It has Wi-Fi built in,
– Low light sensor,
– Storage for 25 MB of data,
– Interesting features such as face detection,
– and more.


Dimensions of this product are 4.2″ x 0.9″ x 2.4″. It weighs only 0.41 pounds. With this camera, you will get warranty, strap, USB cable, battery and instructions to use. Quality of photos and videos are very satisfying. Most customers are more than impressed with this cute camera. One small drawback is noise while you zoom, but this is not too bad. Great camera for beginners!

Canon PowerShot G16 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 1080p Full-HD Video Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon is one of the best and most dominating manufacturers of great cameras and this will no be changed in near future, that’s for sure. Hundreds and thousands of happy customers are solid reason to choose their product for your video and photo shooting experience. This camera is very professional with advanced features. Performance and features of this camera are outstanding. In just a few clicks, you can send photos and videos to social media.

Main features of Canon PowerShot 616 camera are:

– Full HD,
– high speed,
– 12.1 MP Sensor,
– Image processor,
– and more.

Why is this camera one of the best low light cameras on the market? Because it has HS system up to ISO 12800. This means that photos taken by this camera are made with so many details and depth. With this system, noise is decreased, while speed is increased. Besides this, camera can be connected with HDMI camera, and you can watch your videos on TV in just a few clicks. Dimensions of this camera are 4.3″ x 1.6″ x 3″. Battery life lasts up to three hundred and fifty shots, according to test results. Wi-Fi setup is a bit difficult.

Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2 MP Digital Camera with 28x Optical Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD (Black)

Nikon is definitely a leader among camera manufacturers. Nikon’s cameras are one of the best selling and top rated cameras, and when you read about its features, you will understand why. Nikon Coolpix L340 camera is not an exception – great model with various features and professional design is recommended even for most demanding users.

Main features of Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2 Digital Camera are:

– 28x optical zoom,
– three inches LCD display,
– HD,
– lens cap included,
– and more.

Dimensions of this product are 3.28″ x 4.37″ x 3″. It has image stabilization and fixed viewfinder. Unfortunately, it does not have memory card included, but none of the models from this price range have one. Maximum video resolution is up to 720 pixels. If this is important for you, you can choose different model up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is good camera for beginners and for medium experienced photographers. Camera is ergonomically designed, and its main advantages are sensor for low light photography and high auto focus speed. With this model, you cannot go wrong.

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is improved model of Canon PowerShot SX710 HS – Wi-Fi Enabled is available in base configuration, without memory card. This does not eliminate the fact that more than seventy customers gave this model mostly positive reviews. Camera has image stabilization feature, along with CMOS sensor technology and SDXC flash. Dimensions of this model are 1.41″ x 2.51″ x 4.32″.

Main features of this model are:

– Amazing 40x zoom feature,
– With Wi-Fi,
– 20.3 MP,
– Full HD up to 1080 pixels,
– three inch screen,
– and more.

What makes this model different from its competitors? It is definitely 40x Optical Zoom feature. Also, this model is very compact and it fits your hand perfectly. Also, it is perfect for family compilations, you can add music and effects in just a few clicks. Camera is compatible with tablets and smartphones. But, be aware that data charges are possible when you are downloading Camera Connect application. SX 720 is smaller and lighter than previous model, SX710. For more features and customers’ reviews with samples, check out main product page.

Canon PowerShot SX600 HS 16 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 18x Image Stabilized Zoom 25mm Wide-Angle Optical Lens and 1080p HD Video

This model is worth buying it. Canon PowerShot SX600 is a model available in several colors, and it is perfect as gift for your loved ones.

Main features of Canon PowerShot SX600 are:

– ISO up to 3200,
– HD video up to 1280 pixels,
– 30 fps,
– Wi-Fi included.

Dimensions of Canon PowerShot SX600 are 1″ x 4.1″ x 2.4″. Optical Zoom is 18x, battery is rechargeable, and it has display of three inch size. Capture your favorite moments wherever you are with this modern and nicely designed camera. With Wi-Fi option, you can share your videos and images as easy as one two three. Various modes are available, and we would just mention Creative Shot mode, perfect for artists and creative persons. Battery life is outstanding.

Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Digital Camera

Hey, it’s Canon again! We don’t choose these products, customers choose them, and they just love Canon PowerShot SX700 HS Digital Camera! This is new model with so many improved details, and reasonable price is definitely bonus for all you Canon fans out there. This model has very popular autofocus technology that people just love to use! Live View is one of them. There are nine points for autofocus, and this is just very fun to use. Battery life is tested for up to two hundred and fifty images.

Main feature of Canon PowerShot SX700 HS are:

– LCD screen,
– One year warranty,
– lightweight,
– 16.1 sensor,
– ultra zoom,
– and more.

Dimensions of this model are 4.5″ x 1.4″ x 2.6″. You can carry it everywhere with you and take photos any time you want. But, you cannot carry it in your pocket. With camera, you also get strap for your wrist, battery and charger. Simple but enough. If you want, you can purchase memory card for additional storage. Camera has nice design, five axis image stabilization, and full HD options up to 1080 pixels. It is at the top of out list for a reason!

Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera is, as its name says, waterproof! This is maybe a reason why is this model among best sellers on this list of low light cameras. Although not without drawbacks, according to customers, this model is definitely one of the best buy you can get. Beside waterproof feature, there is also freezeproof and shockproof feature. How amazing is that?


Main features of Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera are:

– 13.2 MP sensor, CMOS,
– easy to navigate through,
– full HD videos,
– resolution up to 1080 pixels.


Dimensions of this model are 1.06″ x 4.3″ x 2.6″. External memory card is not included, but this is common thing among similar type of cameras. It has display of two point seven ich size, while screen size is six point eight five inch wide. This is wider than average! Camera is designed to withstand all types of “accidents”: falls, tumbles and kicks. But, don’t kick it and toss it to try it out. Its waterproof feature is implemented because of the fact that many people wants to use camera beneath the water, while they skiing, even while they dive. Camera offers fun for whole family!

Top 10 Best AirPlay Speakers in 2016/2017 – Reviews


If you are looking for top notch speaker for great audio experience, stop right there. Airplay speakers are perfect choice because these speakers provide streaming music directly from most popular online services. Sale of airplay speakers is blooming, and we are presenting top 10 best rated speakers with reasonable price, great features and excellent specifications.

10.Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock are, according to customers, one of the best rated airplay speakers on the market. These speakers are for ultimate music fans. Your experience with listening to music will never be the same again. There is a model with thirty pin connector available, or with lightning connector for iPods and iPhones. Bowers & Wilkins speakers offers Hi-Fi performance of great quality, with easy setup system and advanced audio quality. With these speakers, you will hear even the finest bass line.


Main features of Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock are:

– complete speakers with rich sound,
– airplay technology provides unique experience,
– free Control app is available,
– two years warranty.


Dimensions of these speakers are 6.8 x 25.2 x 8.2 inches. With wireless technology, you can play it anywhere! Speakers are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, even with iPod classic and iPod nano. Input voltage is 100V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz. Before you play it on iPhone 5, make sure you have latest operating system. Some customers had problems while connecting speakers to home network, and if you have problems too, you can check and sort out everything with support. And best thing is, there is new model available, improved and with better features. You can read review here or check its specifications here.

9.Altec Lansing inAir 5000 Wireless AirPlay Speaker MA5000

Altec Lansing inAir 5000 Wireless AirPlay Speaker MA5000 are award winning speakers. Although this award was received in 2012, these speakers are still very modern and cool to use. Speakers are made especially for Apple iTunes on Apple products. With easy setup system, you can access files very quickly.


Main features of Altec Lansing inAir 5000 Wireless AirPlay Speaker MA5000 are:

– wireless technology for iOS and iTunes,
– wireless remote control,
– subwoofers and tweeter included,
– excellent sound and easy setup.


Dimensions of Altec Lansing inAir 5000 Wireless AirPlay Speaker MA5000 are 6.8″ x 19″ x 7.5″. Its weight is fourteen point seven pounds. According to customers, Airplay speakers are better than bluetooth speakers, and they are very easy to use. Speakers look modern and sleek, with perfect sound distribution and audio quality. Each speaker has its own amplifier. Some customers had problems after upgrade of operating system. In order to prevent this, you can use it on older Apple models. All in all, good speakers with affordable price.

8.Sony SRSX7 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System

Sony SRSX7 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System is all you need if you want good stereo system and excellent audio streaming. When it comes to quality, Sony does not leave anything for granted. With excellent stereo system and subwoofers, you can enjoy your favorite songs wherever you are. With USB port, you can listen to music up to six hours. Inside the box, you will receive manual guide, instructions, AC power adaptor and cord, and warranty.


Main features of Sony SRSX7 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System are:

– realistic sound,
– bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming,
– AirPlay support,
– 32 Watts of power.


You can move Sony SRSX7 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System from one room to another in just a couple of seconds. Easy setup system is implemented even for beginners. There is remote control available for easy access to your favorite playlist. Dimensions of this product are 11.8″ x 2.4″ x 5.2″. USB port is only for charging your device. When it comes to quality, Sony is top notch!

7.Wren Sound V5US Wenge Wireless speaker with AirPlay, Bluetooth and DTS Play-FI

There are not many reviews about Wren Sound V5US Wenge Wireless speaker with AirPlay, Bluetooth and DTS Play-FI, but Wren Sound company is generally known for excellent speakers and we have no doubt that Wren Sound V5US Wenge Wireless speaker is one of them. Speaker is not portable, and you should not use it outdoors.


Main features of Wren Sound V5US Wenge Wireless speaker with AirPlay, Bluetooth and DTS Play-FI are:

– It has four layer voice coils,
– Speaker is powered by D2 Audio digital amplifier,
– 50 Watts of power,
– nineteen millimeters tweeters,
– and more.

Available in Espresso wenge color, Wren Sound V5US Wenge Wireless speaker will give your room some modern touch. Dimensions of this speaker are 6.13″ x 4.25″ x 16.63″. Its weight is ten point two pounds. Speaker combines bluetooth, AirPlay and Play-Fi into Hi-Fi ultimate speaker, and it comes great in pair with smartphone or tablet. You can play music whenever you want, everything is available in just couple of minutes. You can stream music with just a single click, Wren Sound V5US Wenge Wireless speaker offers great experience and awesome sound quality. You will definitely enjoy this speaker!

6.GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Leather Speaker – Featuring 40W Output

GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Leather Speaker was made as an homage to good old times! Retro look will fit perfectly in every living room or bedroom with classic design, but if you have room with modern design, this speaker will give nice contrast. Dimensions of this speaker are 6.7″ x 5″ x 13.4″ approximately. Free shipping included. And, as an cherry on top, speaker has three years warranty.


Main features of GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Leather Speaker are:

– Bluetooth and Wi-Fi/Aux connection options,
– Awesome design,
– System for Multi-Room,
– Compatible with Apple and Android products,
– and more.


According to many reviews, this product is top notch. Sound is awesome, connectivity options are easy to follow and there is even aux port. You can configure speaker very easily, style is very unique and sound is natural.

5.August WS150G WiFi Speaker Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Multiroom Sound System

August WS150G WiFi Speaker Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Multiroom Sound System weight only one point three pounds, but that’s not stopping it to produce excellent sound with great overall performance. These speakers can be controlled so easily, with a little help of your phone. You can control whole system in just a few clicks. Speakers’ dimensions are 70.9″ x 22.1″ x 27.2″. Control buttons are located at the top, and there is a slot for memory card, On/Off switch and aux port at the back.


Main features of August WS150G WiFi Speaker Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Multiroom Sound System are:

– 10W of power,
– Battery life – Twenty-two hours,
– App streaming,
– Dynamic stereo systems,
– and more.


Speakers produce very nice sound, and you can use it to connect to Tidal, Spotify, Tune In, iHeart radio or AirPlay. Advantages of these speakers are great deep bass, excellent quality, reasonable price and several modes to choose from. Some customers found memory card slot hard to use.

4.Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

New improved version is on the list too – Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless speaker is right in front of you, and we can say that features and functions are much much improved. Although look is not changed, functionality is almost perfect. Speakers provide new standard when it comes to wireless technology.


Main features of Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless are:

– Iconic look,
– One part system,
– FST technology,
– Two years warranty.


Built wireless speaker is available for all of you who loves music and strive for perfection. Inside the box, besides speaker, you will also get power cord and literature pack. Compatible with latest smartphones, you can stream music in just few clicks. Speaker has two double dome tweeters, one subwoofer and two FST midrange. Dimensions are 7.4 x 26 x 7.2 inches. Easy installation and nice sound distribution guaranteed!

3.Sony SA-NS410 Wi-Fi Speaker with AirPlay

With Sony SA-NS410 Wi-Fi Speaker, you can listen to your favorite songs and connect app with your home network with satisfaction. Color of this speaker is black, and it offers three hundred and sixty degrees sound performance. You can stream music from Pandora or iTunes, or even Slacker.


Main features of Sony SA-NS410 Wi-Fi Speaker with AirPlay are:

– manual is easy to follow,
– online music services from Sony,
– elegant and modern design,
– remote control apps.


If you don’t want to use guide for quick start, there is CD which you can follow to setup speaker fast. There is also feature for Party Streaming, to connect speakers with home network. Dimensions of this speaker are 13″ x 10″ x 14″. It weights twelve point eight pounds. Main advantage of Sony SA-NS410 is definitely crystal clear audio, with reasonable price and excellent features.

2.Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker

Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker is at the top of our list of top 10 best airplay speakers.


Main features of Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker are:

– Battery life up to ten hours,
– Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity,
– Play apps from your phone,
– Great deep bass,
– 100 Watts of power.


Dimensions of Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker are 4.8 inches x 4.8 inches x 10.3 inches. Besides Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity options, there are also DLNA and Spotify Connect options. This speaker provides flexibility and sound for whole room. This will be your favorite speaker ever! Speaker has very fine sound, it has rechargeable battery that lasts up to ten hours and you can move it whenever you desire. Other great features are four inches woofer, two radiators of low frequency, amplifier and hush gesture detector.

Sony SRSX88 Premium Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Speaker (Black)


With Sony SRSX88 Premium Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Speaker (Black), you cannot go wrong. Simple, modern but effective – these three words describes Sony SRSX88 Premium Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Speaker. It offers sound with superior performance.


Main features of this speaker are:

– ClearAudio Plus technology,
– Bluetooth,
– Airplay support,
– five speakers.


And before we forget – dual USB input is also available. Dimensions of Sony SRSX Speaker are approximately 6.6″ x 17.9″ x 7.1″. It fits perfectly in every room. This is more than speaker – you can also use it while you watch television, not only when you want to listen your favorite playlist. Elegant design along with ninety watts of power are good reason to become owner of this beautiful speaker. It looks great and it provides loud and clear sound.